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SkyWays® Shade

Two Ways to Keep Your Cool



Playground Shade Sails and Structures

Two Ways to Keep Your Cool

Choose from two types of shade products that provide cool and reliable shade for any play, rest and activity: SkyWays® offer the largest break from the sun, and CoolToppers® connect to our PlayBooster® playstructures. Designed to block up to 97 percent of the sun's harmful UV rays and keep playground temperatures up to 30 degrees cooler. Even available with a cool misting option, for the steamiest of play days.

SkyWays Hip

Hip, Hip, Hooray

SkyWays® Hip shade structures offer massive shade options for any environment - playground shade, outdoor seating, pool surrounds and nearby buildings. Available in a wide variety of sizes.

SkyWays Two-Post Hip

Lots of sun protection with less posts

SkyWays® Two-Post Hips are supported by just two columns while providing over 300 square feet of shade in a variety of entry heights ranging from 8' to 14'.

CoolToppers Pyramid

Designed to meet the demands of both heat and sun

CoolToppers® Pyramids shade structures provides maximum shade coverage for a variety of playgrounds sizes. Pyramid options are large enough to shade an entire playground.

SkyWays Hexagon, Single Layer

Artistic Design

SkyWays® Hexagon, Single Layer offers an alternative shape that accommodates large, round areas. Incorporate two fabric colors for design flexibility.

SkyWays Single Post Pyramid

Have fun in the sun, without the burn!

SkyWays® Single Post Pyramid is great for areas that need shade in one area, but don't have a lot of available ground space. Designed with one post to provide shade in a concentrated area. Choose from a variety of entry heights. 

SkyWays Cantilever Single Post Pyramid

Shade your fun in a new way!

SkyWays® Cantilever Single Post Pyramid combines a compact design and convenience to make the perfect shade option.  This shade design provides cool temperatures and sun protection while keeping the support post out of the way of the fun. Choose from a variety of entry heights of 8', 10', 12' and 14'.

SkyWays® Triangle Sail

Shade coverage doesn't just have to be square anymore!

SkyWays® Triangle Sail has a three-post design that covers a large space and provides a unique look with varying column heights and entries. Entry height varies by post, from 8' to 12'.