How do I get a grant?

Grants are a great way to fund a new playground. Contact your Dakota Playground Representative for more information on how the grant process works. We can recommend grant opportunities for each state in our territory.

How do I get a playground in my community?

Planning the perfect community or school playground is easy when you have the right tools. Follow these five easy steps to create the ultimate playground for children in your community and beyond.


Do you take part in the installation process?

Yes, we have experienced crews who are certified to install all kinds of playground equipment. We work with you to make the installation process run smoothly.


How much space is needed to get a playground?

We will custom design your playground to fit your space and budget. We will work with you to provide maximum play value, no matter what your space requirements are.


Where is the material manufactured?

Our playground materials are manufactured in Delano, Minnesota. We are proud to sell and install products made in the USA.


We can only afford a small playground at this time. Is it worth building?

Of course! We have many customers that start small and phase in additional playground equipment as additional funds become available. This practice offers you flexibility in your fundraising timeline, and children don’t have to wait to play.


Can I create my own playground design?

You can have lots of input on your design! Our expert designers will ensure that we create the perfect playground design for you and that your playground is safe and meets all current design and safety standards.


How much do your playgrounds cost?

Because every single playground we create is completely unique, pricing varies. Your local Dakota Playground representative can give you more detailed pricing.


What if I want a custom-themed playground? Can you do that?

Absolutely. If you have an idea for a themed playground in mind, just let us know! From an alien theme to a castle, we can do it all. We can create custom products and completely custom-themed playground designs.


How do I know what playground equipment to choose?

We offer hundreds of playground products that can be designed in thousands of configurations. That’s where your local Dakota Playground representative comes in. They will work with you to create a safe, fun, and budget-friendly playground design that kids will love.


What is an accessible playground?

An accessible playground is one in which kids of all abilities can access the playground and play together. At Dakota Playground, we believe playgrounds should go beyond accessible and be fully inclusive to truly support the needs of all users.


What is an age-appropriate playground?

An age-appropriate playground is one that was designed with age-appropriate physical and mental challenges that has limited risk of injury for that age group.


What types of playground surfacing are available?

There are two main types of playground surfacing: loose-fill and unitary. Loose fill consists of engineered wood fiber (EWF), playground sand, wood chips, pea gravel or loose rubber, and unitary surfacing consists of bond-in-place rubber, pour-in-place rubber, synthetic turf, and resilient tiles.


Do you offer a warranty?

We work with Landscape Structures Inc. to offer the best playground warranty in the industry. In fact, most of our steel and aluminum components offer an amazing 100-year warranty! Ask your local Dakota Playground representative for more information.