Effective & Stylish

SkyWays® shade products are not only an effective defense against harsh elements but a creative and stylish solution to any outdoor atmosphere. We offer more affordable options than traditional metal or wood shelters. With more versatility, attractive colors, and virtually endless design possibilities, we have everything you’re looking for.

SkyWays® shade structures are available in a variety of heights, lengths, and coverage areas to fit any space and budget. We can create the ideal custom solution to fit the unique requirements of your environment.

SkyWays® Structures Include:

  • Hip, Two-Post Hip & Super Hip
  • Cantilever Hip & Back-to-Back
  • Pyramid & Peak
  • Octoagon, Hexagon & Hexagon Double Layer
  • Single Post Pyramid
  • Triangle Sail
  • Hypar Sail & Single Post Hyper Sail
  • Integrated Shade with Climbers, Swings, Gliders, or ZipKrooz

Ask your Dakota Playground Representative for more information or view more products here.